Comic book thieves beware!

This is a sign in an actual comic book store:

This sign is best read in Comic Book Guy's voice.

Sadly for the owner, even the most violent of threats become laughable when presented in Comic Sans. No one would be laughing if it were in Times New Roman.

Where is your life headed?

It's more like the sine wave of life. At least from zero to pi anyways.

Writing my first comic book

Hi folks,

Just a quick update that work has started on my first comic book, Damaged Universe.

It's been a big job plotting the first 60 episodes, spanning 9 story arcs that culminate in the eventual destruction of Earth and one last ditch attempt to restore humanity to its full potential.

It will feature a plethora of super powered humans, each with their own unique back story and journey that are the basis for a series of interweaving plot lines that all come together in the final, violent act.

Here is the premise that binds it all together:

Whatever it takes

Wait a second. Why does Sam win? What is he going to do. Bone Loki?

On second thought, that fanfiction probably exists. The Internet can be a dark, dark place.

Hilarious and Sexist Dating Tips From 1938.

Life used to be so much simpler if you were a man, and must have been like walking on eggs if you were a woman.

Actually, I admit this one is common sense. Moving on...

Superheroes... African style

I find this picture oddly badass.

Nothing has ever looked more comfortable and badass at the same time...
And to think two of the actual superheroes wear tights and one's in a tin can.

Art imitating life

This frame in our comic book was based on an actual picture of my (now 5 month old) son being born.

Ps. I just want to add that the invisible man and the knife were not part of the original picture!

Art by James Beihl, colors by Martin Silva.

This was the original on which the picture is based: