Yoga Hulk

Turn the light inward Hulk. Take the backwards step. See your true nature…

Marvel heroes morphed from art to real life actor

Some of the drawings were done post casting, but this is still good hypnotic fun ;-)

How the Hulk takes a shower...

The dragon tries to convince the Hulk that he will rule the planet and that the Hulk should kneel before him. The Hulk doesn't move. Foom breathes his fire on him and it barely singes the Hulk. This amazes Foom.
I too am amazed at how fire-resistant Hulk's pants are.

Star Wars: Episode VII audition parody

Animated Parody of the Star Wars auditions featuring Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber, and Shia LaBeouf.

Stay sober. Don't kill a superhero.

Volkswagen is running an ad campaign with sobering anti-drunk driving ads featuring the Hulk, Wolverine and Superman. The message is you may think you're indestructible, but you aren't, you can die in a crash. Where it fails is that out of all the characters that could have been chosen to be killed by a car Volkswagen chose the three most well known superheroes that absolutely could never be killed in a car crash...

The Simpsons vs Star Wars... vs Gremlins!

For those who need context: You see that cute creature on paper? He's from one film (Gremlins), and whenever he would get food or water after midnight, evil creatures would come out, out of his back. Mr Burns (The Simpsons) believes that Yoda (Star Wars) is a gremlin. So by getting him wet, he should multiply into evil gremlins.

Mixing 3 universes made me more upset than it should have...