The humor of Spider-Man

New Avengers Vol 1 #61

Runaways #11

She-Hulk Vol 2 #3

Spider-Man/Black Cat- The Evil that Men Do #2

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #19

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 2 #18

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 (#12)

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 (#67)

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #648

A Batman for all ages

Thanks to the amazing Batman Fan Art Community we can now track Batman in his many incarnations over the ages. Set your time machine on autopilot and discover an Elseworlds type of history of Batman:

Batman the Barbarian

A Dark Knight for the Dark Ages

Art by Tom Edwards

Batman 1400 AD

Gotham Anno 1459


The Joker



Two Face

Poison Ivy

Samurai Batman in the 16th Century

Samurai Batman in ceremonial attire

Art by Roboqueer

Western Batman

Art by Denis Medri

Victorian Batman

SteamPunk Batman (alternate Victorian timeline)

Art by Raymond Tan

Turn of the Century: Gotham by gaslight

Art by Mike Mignola
Art by Ronald Salas

Gotham 1940 - Mugshots

The Joker

The Penguin

Two Face


Poison Ivy

Art by J.E. Mark

Rockabilly Batman: The 1950s Greaser

See all sketches at Batman: Rockabilly

Soviet Era Comrade Batman



Commissioner Gordon


The Riddler

Post Apocalyptic Batman

Batman 2045

Art by Tom Edwards