Damaged Universe #0 - Page 21 / A Webcomic

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The Making Of

Script by Lorenz Lammens


Panel 1

But your daughter, on the day I killed her, she thought of you. Full of love. She knew who you were and why you had to abandon her. She hoped to see you again in heaven.

Panel 2
The claws dig into Future’s torso, he tries very hard not to scream.

Before she died, I told her that there isn’t an afterlife, Future. She died knowing she would never see you again. But I told her I would pass her last thoughts on when I finally slayed you.

Panel 3
The creatures claws crush Future’s torso to a pulp. Future screams in panic and agony.

And so I die. And fulfill the prophecy.

Panel 4
From his hand falls the orb he brought with him.

As I leave this world, I know I have left in it a seed of hope in the moment of its ultimate defeat.

Pencil Sketch by Mariano Navarro

Line Art by Mariano Navarro

Flats by Fernando Arguello

Colors by Ross Hughes

Letters by Taylor Esposito


Colors: Ross Hughes
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Edits: Martin Silva & Lorenz Lammens

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